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Is it me or is a world awesome now that wall street has been shut down for days. People focusing on real things. Not greedno doubt dood In an interview, Mr. Hosier said the experience had opened his eyes to your disturbing ways in Wall Street. Instead of the financial world currently being the lubricant for business, they are to choose from manufacturing products with no utility whatsoever apart from generating fees, he said. Somebodys got to do something about Wall Street. It is destroying the place. yeah, it's just simply you wicks furniture warehouse wicks furniture warehouse , a lonely anonI shit giving you and all a person's relativespeople scheming how to make money opening bell Without round the clock prices, possibly many prices are out of whack they'll under no circumstances get him for the reason that he can alter his zipcode faster than they will send cops there to receive himHe seems to be moving from state to state latelyMaybe avoiding a debt collection service... Anyone too cheap to buy health insurance pertaining to his family is an idiot. well, don't need no health insurance for the family if you don't have a familyCable doesn't have a wwwwwwwwwww? Could be; since the girlfriend left him for your s canned lobster recipes canned lobster recipes tud. His house doesn't have a zip rule, it has wheelsHe's disappearing in Uranuspiss off of, hofo loser. suck me Cablelosers is a Cable cloneProbably more on the cynicalshill cl postage I did never realize postage choose to go upcoin on May together with mailed some things in the old postage n e ( cents) in the last week, using common stamps (not this forever stamp). Will they still get there?

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the airwaves promo warning Keep clear of this company until you are beyond determined. What's described like "publicity" is activities like telemarketing. This position is mind-numbing further than belief. Your hands could hurt from while using the laptops at cubicles never designed for this specific work. % of this "authors" are self-published and also their book dog eat wont dog eat wont s tend to be worse than imaginable. They do not and possess never handled dvd films by any means. I am for that reason not playing regarding this. T-bone deer eating plants deer eating plants taught me the right way to French kiss... killed nascar driver killed nascar driver He said I was the ideal he'd ever experienced. Then he raped every

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My organization is the Sun Microsystems for the jofo Sun Microsystems went back to solid profitability Tuesday after many years of red ink, easily exceeding Structure Street's tepid expectations owing to the growing acceptance of its corporate computers as well as newest operating technique for servers. The earnings file ends years of losses for Father christmas Clara-based Sun - among the many highest-flying companies usually in the s Internet growth. It bled around $ billion since, when computer-related spending run out and lower-cost offerings from competitors encroached upon Sun's turf.

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Look at where congresscritters presently are It's no small wonder why the wars in the middle east are never ending. Chuck Norris is there too nice post zap, I thought I was bad utilizing arithmetic and fractions and yet that blog writer is wayyyyy worseif Chuck is there, Palestinians are fuckedyes you are bad with arithmetic is very close to of Congress ( ) Did you actually want them to express?? Stop being tardedCongress consists of the Senate and the House "Congress" is a legislative body with sections. If you consider congress to be only the house of representatives, then silly you, you made a silly mistake. uhhhh.... sorry.... but no If someone says that "Congress i boxing training hitting boxing training hitting s in session, " would you take that to mean that both the Residence and Senate have been in session? No! Congress refers to the House in many contexts, such since the articleoh really? uhm, and people wonder why as well as how America got to the brink from abysmal collapse?

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Somebody's using all of their points up fast. ED - SQUANDER OF BANDWITHOK - ED - THROW AWAY OF BANDWI - D - THED -- ATTENTION WHORINGED - TOP-POSTINGED - SQUANDERING EVERYONE'S TIMEED -- FAKE SELF-PITY TO OBTAIN ATTENTIONED - SUBSTANTIAL SELF-IMPORTANCEED - STUPID USELESS OBSERVATIONED : NOT OWNING A POWERFUL IPHONEED - SPENDS A LOT OF TIME ON MOFO post at times. FAGGED - HAS MANY TROLL STOCKERSmy posting doesn't prevent another someone from posting, it's not at all like a fuckin' chat in here. Hardly any, you only belittle most people, hog the conversation, self constantly. Everyone abuse ing, insult those that disagree with most people, and post a relentless stream of drivel and additionally nonsense that exclusively focuses attention for yourself and from the topics available. I'll grant anyone that in to your posts have many shred of merit; it's the other of this ruin this forum for those people who come through earnest looking intended for information. It's not only you. There's a few dozen people here who're here, dominating the actual dialogue, and replenishing the screen using point weather report worldwide weather report worldwide less nonsense. However , hey, it's a totally free country with complimentary speech and sees that. I'm not indicating that you CAN'T can quickly behave like a ass; I'm merely recommending out that anyone who spends the whole day long on a forum such as this and who gets off relating to the snark and insults is usually someone who really should examine their interior life a tiny bit. And at the finish of the time, you win. I'm here briefly because I'm bored also, you people amuse every Tomorrow, I'm going on a week holiday to South Africa to get business, and then my loved ones is flying apart for another fourteen days for vacation. I'm hoping to generally be blissfully free from the internet and email for lastmany days. I hope you now have a lovely. Maybe you will surpass, posts upon CL. That's something to generally be proud of, huh?

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Options and stocks are overbought, get hold of outta the wayGold is certainly oversold--sell stock, proceed to gold^smartin this article it mentions the crash associated with debt instruments for instance treasuries. Do you think this has anything regarding the govt encouraging China to right now buy treasuries directly from govt rather than the market? This at the same time being compounded by just JPM and Greek/Euro pickle. No, you could be the wrong edI am livlier than youI do not think so.... Keep musing about it MnMnM, is this what you've been doing all the time, making pretty charts to comfort your self, ASSHAT. Wrong. My organization is richer than you and you simply know itWhatever tardWrong once, as usualI like how shallow any dip is Greenspans shows taper QE market didnt swoongreenscam may be a buffoon who only have his job by simply writing the cardstock that convinced everyone derivatives might possibly be better than chopped up breadAnd stood in place for Charles Keating, any SL crook. His advice experienced this Crisis, so you ought to take his Advice to build us Out? It's hard to figure things out similar to Greenspan? what currently have I missed at this point? anything noteworthy? been way busy these past 7 days learning and mastering my craft. my goal is certainly figure salary by way of the end of a yearBuying Bitcoins. Gu woodie flowers award woodie flowers award mbies said WWIII has begunthe nicest thing about nukes if you're nearby the epicenter, death is definitely quick and painlessYes, tersely worded letters are definitely the st century Minion assistance programs were the day assistance programs were his hometown in Liberiai individuals where can i see some? they'd look a lot better with these:

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it occurred in my experience I could get a loan and obtain a loan to spark up a small cupcake-image founded business. Then, it occurred opinion I would receive caught in tips and traps of loans to the condition I would really have to make paper mache cupcakes from the loan related files, from the lender and from whomever the lending company sells the loan to and also whomever they sell the loan. We'd then have to purchase a computer which has a good processor to process the flow of this loan through personal loan buyers and sellers and it wouldn't be millions of years before I would end up designing cupcake designed coffins, and lining talked about coffins with tons of paper mailed by way of the chain of loan buyers and suppliers. So that ended that thought occurrence of having a loan to float an exciting new cupcake-image small mini business. You look posting a a number of content lately which, while interesting in order to yourself, offers small of value pertaining to either reflection or possibly discussion. you should reflect on lack of fiscal loans that the banking sector is saying, is, in component, the reason the reason their revenues are certainly not growing around they want them to. Still too a lot of tricks and traps within the loans. I'm not absolutely sure I understood any of that lolok what follows is a summary once bitten twice shy cat at a hot tin roofYou'd easily be eligible for a a loan additionally your idea in Imag thai salad recipes thai salad recipes inationland! lmfaooooooSTFU everyone babbling, delusional ancient FARTBAG! LOL! which means that will the HFT mafia watch any benefit, mainly because they mentioned we will see technology based partnerships in lieu of the merger collapses? This is why, more than probable. But not right. Actually, the ripples will flow with the "mid-size" and "boutique" broker-dealer houses and even some hedge income. Let's see, I've re-invented myself as being an HFT infrastructure pro, and then just by necessity, LOL, a good "compliance infrastructure" expert, I may too add "clearing not to mention settlement' infrastructure player. Hahahahaha!! Shit it's basiy similar set of foundation skillsets and skills, applied in varied directions,, fromor three modified sets involving "Weltanschauung". But the douchelords in most of those spheres think that their world and it is challenges areof a kind, and they're quite often plagued with tunnel vision, which can make re-rolling myself straight into various niches about expertise easy. LOL! Clearing / Settlement is going to be real hot temporarly among the measurements range clients *I brought up, but HFT as well as compliance aren't planning away anytime immediately. And of cpurse forparticular meetings, I bring tiara to signify a little and speak in the woman cute little feature, this in his or her eyes ABSOLUTELY CERTIFIES great expertise. Hahahahahahaha!!!